How do I fix the Sesskey error?

Please follow these guidelines to prevent this from happening. In regards to getting the “incorrect sesskey” error, there are a few different ways this can happen. Moodle will timeout if you haven’t clicked on something new in 4 hours. Make sure you save answers periodically by clicking “NEXT” and going back to the next question you have to do, and this will prevent Moodle from timing out. If you log into Moodle in the middle of a quiz, it will start a new session. Whether it’s been more than 4 hours or 2 minutes, If you attempt to submit a quiz in the original tab that you had started it in before logging in again, you will get this error since you had started a new session. If you want to go to another course while in the middle of a quiz, that’s OK, click on “My Courses” at the top of the page: Only click “Go to Courses” once, as this starts a new session each time. If you click on this in the middle of a quiz and then you try to submit the quiz, you will get the error message. Keep these things in mind and you will avoid this error.
Published on: 2014-04-14
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