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[Link to GoogleDrive Article][1] ##**Connecting to Blackboard Collaborate (BlueSky’s live session system)** The procedure for connecting to Collaborate has changed, and even if you have connected to live sessions in the past, the first time you connect to Collaborate after the change, you will need to download a launcher application, and set up your audio settings. Leave plenty of time to work through the steps the first time. Then the next times you go to a live session, you won’t have to go through all the steps. ###**General Scheme** First time installing the launcher Second time and subsequent users The General Scheme: 1) You will click on the live session link in your class, then “Join Session.” ![enter image description here][2] 2) The first time you connect, you will be asked to download and install a launcher. ![enter image description here][3] 3) Once you’ve downloaded and installed the installer, you will click on “join” to join the session - a meeting file will download, and you will click on that file to join the session. ![enter image description here][4] 4) After you’ve downloaded the installer, each time you will simply have to click “join” and download and click on the meeting file to enter the session. ###**First time installing the launcher** 1. Click on the Live Session Link 2. Click on “Join Session” 3. If this is your first time, click on “Download” under “Download the Launcher”. If you have already downloaded and installed the launcher, please see the “Second and Subsequent Time Users” end of this document. 4. The installer will download (in Chrome, a box will appear in the lower left-hand side). When it is done downloading, click on the box. 5. A window will appear asking if you want to run this file. Click “Run.” ![enter image description here][5] 6. The Collaborate Launcher Set up Wizard will appear. Click “Next”, then “Install,” then “Finish.” 7. You’ll be back at the Downloading Installer web page. Click “Join” 8. A file meeting.collab will download (in the lower left in Chrome). Click on the file to run. Be patient - the windows that will let you know it’s started take a while to popup. Give it a minute or so - don’t click on anything else and do not click on the file more than once. ![enter image description here][6] 9. A security warning will ask if you want to RUN Collaborate. Check the box so the message will not display again, and select to RUN. ![enter image description here][7] 10. A “Verifying application” window will appear. There might be a pause before this happens. A window will show the loading of the Blackboard session. 11. Select your access speed (most common: cable/DSL for fast speeds; wireless) 12. Once you’re in the session, find “Audio & Video” panel in the top left. Click on the microphone icon with the red settings symbol to use the audio set up to connect your speakers and microphone (for orientation, you will not need microphone, but for other classes you will). Follow the instructions in the windows that appear. The steps are outlined below if you need help with that. Second and subsequent time users If you have already installed the launcher and are connecting to another session, you might still be prompted to download the launcher. Instead of downloading it, try clicking “Join Session” first - it will download a meeting file right away. Click on that file download and follow the steps 7 - 12 above. Each time you join a session, the meeting file will download, and you will click on that file to join the session. Audio Set up 1. First you’ll set up the speakers you’ll use. Choose the device you want, then click “OK”. 2. Follow the directions in the picture below. . 3. If you were able to hear, choose “Yes.” If not, choose “No” to go back to the audio setup. 4. Now go through the similar steps to set up the Microphone. Choose your device, then click OK. 5. Then click on the Record button, say something, adjust the slider until the bar shows mostly green with some yellow, but not red. Then click “Stop.” 6. Click “Play” to hear what you recorded. If it isn’t loud or clear enough, you’ll get a chance to go back and try again. 7. Click “yes” if you are satisfied, “no” if your recording wasn’t loud and clear. 8. Click OK! COLLABORATE TOOLS If you look below your name in the Participants box, you’ll see some tools. Your teacher will ask you to use these during your live session. For some sessions, you will be using your microphone to respond to your teacher and classmates. Click the Talk button when you want to speak. There might be restrictions on how many students can speak at the same time. There’s also a chat box where you can communicate with your teacher and classmates. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Questions? Karen Kraco 320-291-1238 Leasa Kulm 507-825-7978 Eric Ljosenvoor 763-220-0343 [1]: [2]: [3]: [4]: [5]: [6]: [7]:
Published on: 2015-01-05
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